Sauvage Wine Club

Sauvage Wine Club

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Off the beaten path, and into the vineyard. You'll know it when you see it; you'll be looking at Sauvage.

Sample extraordinary and hard to find grape varieties (some of them are near-extinct!), produced with maximum passion and minimum intervention. You'll get two bottles every month that will nudge your idea of what wine is and what wine can be. Come join us on the periphery, dive deep into the rapidly changing landscape of natural wine.

Here’s what you get with your Sauvage Wine Club membership:
  • Two obsessively made, low-intervention wines every month.
  • Our Dedalus Wine info sheet that describes the wines and includes recipes.
  • A 10% discount on eligible wine and food in the Market, Wine Bar, and Retail Shop.
  • No commitment, stay a member for as long as you’d like. Cancel at any time.

You get all of that for just $45/month.

Picking up your Sauvage wines couldn’t be easier. We’ll send you a reminder e-mail as soon as they arrive at the shop. Just pop on down, pick them up, and enjoy! You’ll know more about wine in no time.

Please note: If you place an order for a recurring club membership after the 1st but before the last day of a given month, you will be charged at the time of purchase for that month's selections, which you can pick up at any time. Your recurring club charge will process on the 1st of every subsequent month until cancelled. 

Unfortunately we cannot ship or deliver wine clubs at this time. 

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