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Seehof Riesling Feinherb 2016  $16.99

Seehof Riesling Feinherb 2016 2016

Regular price $16.99

Country Germany
Region Rheinhessen
Appellation Rheinhessen
Varietal Riesling

Not all Rieslings are the same. Just like every other grape variety in the world, it’s about who is making it, where it’s coming from and their ability to find balance in the wine, while at the same time, being true to the vineyard in which the grapes are grown.

If it happens to be coming from the hands and vineyards of Florian Fauth than you can trust that what is inside the bottle is nothing but quality wine made with expertise, passion, and precision.

Florian is a 5th generation winemaker at his family estate, Seehof, in the Rheinhessen region of Germany. He makes wines of balance, finesse, texture, and intensity from some of the most excellent, limestone-laden vineyard sites in this part of Germany. It seems very likely that he shares a similar philosophy with his brother-in-law/most revered winemaker in the Rheinhessen, Klaus Peter Keller, that each vine should be a reflected in the bottle. He makes several single vineyard bottlings that all extend beyond the realm of impressive. But, if you want to experience the accuracy and high toned style wines of Seehof while spending less than $20/btl, look no further than his Riesling Feinherb.

This wine is bouncy, refreshing, and finds a balance between residual sugar and acidity. I imagine a knife made of limestone cutting through fresh, ripe green apples, limes, kiwi and melons like a fruit ninja. (I will make the sound effects if you ask me) A slight prickle of electricity on the tip of the tongue gives way to pleasurable tension, and minerality. This quality at this price makes this Riesling an easy decision.