The Blue Ribbon Box

The Blue Ribbon Box

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Our favorite winners from the 2022 American Cheese Society Awards, all in one place. You’ll get three prizewinning cheeses from different categories — aged cow, goat, and sheep — with a local jam to round out your trophy-winning snack session. 


1/2 lb. Jasper Hill Whitney or Alpha Tolman: Classic, beautifully rendered Alpine style from Vermont’s master cheesemakers. Sliceable, silky, savory. 

1/2 lb. Blakesville St. Germain: Natural-rind aged goat’s milk tomme. Energetic, grassy, and bright. 

1/2 lb. Landmark Creamery Anabasque: Washed-rind sheep’s milk, Basque-style. Rich, fruity, wooly. 

1 jar of local jam