THIRST Wine Club



For the curious. There’s a big world of wine out there. Dive in, explore, and enjoy with Dedalus as your guide. Each month we hand-select two delicious, unfussy wines meant to be enjoyed. Drink them during the week with takeout, at the beach, or on the porch with good friends.

Membership Includes


- Two bottles of delicious, exciting wine that will turn you on to something new every month.
- Original insights and tasty details from Dedalus Wine you can share with your friends.
- Curated recipes to pair with your wines.

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Frequently asked questions

Any time after the 1st of the month! They'll be waiting for you at the store.

You will be charged for the current month's selections, which you can pick up at any time. Your recurring club charge will process on the 1st of every subsequent month.

Unfortunately, we cannot ship or deliver wine clubs at this time.