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Valpane Rosa Ruske 2015

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Country Italy
Region Piedmont
Appellation Piedmont
Varietal Ruchè

Cantine Valpane’s Ruchè is a brilliant wine with beautiful, shimmering color and chiseled, enticing aromatics.

Bright and see-through ruby red with aromatics that call to me like a cartoon pie. Wild shrub-roses, red and black raspberry with pockets of spearmint and sunlit black tea. This bottle of Ruchè is enchanting and delicious right now. You can pair it with a variety of salumi, grilled vegetable or hard, alpine cheeses but is not afraid of a little isolation either. Give it a little chill and drink it alone. You’ll love it.

The Vineyards of Valpane in Monferrato were first planed to the vine in the 1700s. They’ve been a source of exceptional winemaking ever since. The third generation of his family to be working the beautiful vineyards at Cantine Valpane, Pietro Arditi is carrying a torch that was lit by his grandfather in the early 1900's. Caring for the land with a gentle hand, Pietro lets the vineyards do the talking. Nothing is forced here. This is honest winemaking and the purest expression of grape, time and place.

Monferrato is the river-split, hilly region in Piedmont that is responsible for wines of shimmering aromatics. The land is diverse, spotted with fields and forests and amphitheater vineyards. You’re likely to come across a number of grapes you’ll recognize. Grapes like Barbara, Dolcetto and Nebbiolo. But look a little bit harder and you’ll uncover the native stars. Grapes fashioned into wines that the locals love but the press hasn’t given a good look to. Among them is the soulful Ruchè (roo-kay), a dark-skinned aromatic beauty only grown in a handful of vineyards. It creates wines that will remind you of Nebbiolo. They have the strength and elegance of a ballerina with the crosshair precision of a sniper. These wines are thought provoking, but they are also super approachable and very wallet friendly.