Wine 101 - The Five Red Wines You Should Know

Why are wine nerds obsessed with Pinot Noir? Cabernet Sauvignon might just be responsible for the outrageous fortunes of both the Napa Valley and Bordeaux? How good could it be? This class is designed to open up the world of great red wine for you. You’ll learn the difference between the five most important red grape varieties, identify their unique profiles, and leave with a clear understand of what you like to drink, when to drink it, and how to order it in a restaurant or buy it in the store. This class will help you dial in to your red wine preferences. Learn about the flavor profiles of the five most popular red grape varietals.

Sunday, January 19th - 1:00-2:30 in the Wine Bar

Wine 101 Classes can be taken as a series or individually. We offer these four great classes regularly throughout the year. If you miss a class this time around, give us a ring. We’ll make sure you’re on the list for the next one!

Or buy all four classes (at a reduced price!) here!

Wine 101 - The Five Red Wines You Should Know

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