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Wine Tasting: Punk Syrah from the Northern Rhone

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Punk Rock ripped up convention and threw polish out the window. Its unbridled, raw, violent energy liberated rock and roll in the ’70s. This pack of winemakers did the same thing for Syrah in the last decade. They started working in unconventional places. Spots like Saint-Joseph and Cornas - marginalized by the press, downtrodden, but still alive. Over time these growers started to figure out what was happening there. Underneath all the shit that comes with making conventional wine - the new oak, the technology, the chemicals - they found a raw, real intensity. They stripped everything away. Got down to those basic principals, and started making wine that really just tears at your emotions. Grippy, intense, powerful - if you could hear it you might need earplugs. But that wouldn’t be very punk-rock of you. Some come drink it. And take it home. We’re pouring Cecillon, Faury, and Chave and we’ll have Clape Cornas available by the glass in the wine bar. If you don’t know what that means, come find out. It’ll be worth it.