Lo Scultore Chianti Classico Le Corti 2019

Timeless and elegant, with pops of lush red fruit and a rustic flicker.  Deeply perfumed with a savory streak and whiff of worn leather. Polished, but a bit wild. 

That's lo Scultore. A maddeningly delicious Sangiovese boosted by a tiny bit of Colorino with the silkiest tannins. It’s a secret garden of lush candied cherry, rich tomato sauce, wildflower, plum, carob, and a whiff of dried sage and rosemary. Its solid, punchy fruit flavors make it the perfect food wine. Drink with a simple pasta with red sauce or a firm, crumbly Parmigiano.

Consider this your ultimate dinner party bottle — if you bring this to a friend's house you’re guaranteed to be the favorite guest.