Maubet Cotes de Gasgogne Rose 2022

Big names get big spotlights. And sometimes, we’re so busy shining a light on the great wines of places like Provence and the Southern Rhône that we miss out on the winemakers toiling away to make delicious table wines in more under-the-radar regions. Nèdege and Sylvain Fontan are fourth-generation winemakers in southwestern France's Côtes de Gascogne appellation. They focus heavily on using native grape varieties and farming with as little intervention as possible, to let the unique flavor of their home shine through.

This is one of the rare rosés made in the Côtes de Gascogne region — only 1% of all wines produced here are pink. Nèdege and Sylvain’s rosé is full of aromas of early harvest strawberries and hard candy. It’s super fresh and crisp with a crunch acidity that make it perfect with a chill on a hot summer day.