Sauvage Wine Club - Pre-Paid - 1 Month - Pickup - Middlebury

Each month, you’ll receive 2 bottles of under-the-radar natural gems that will throw you for a loop and leave you craving the next adventure.

In the world of wine, there are classics and then there are new classics. We’re talking natural wines from the cellars of obsessive winemakers working with nearly extinct grape varieties and minimal intervention. With Club Sauvage we take a deep dive into the wines being made in the periphery of the wine world–wines that not only push the envelope a bit further but also that will broaden our conception of what wine can be. We’ll be exploring the Radikons and Lapierres of tomorrow, today. It’ll make for a delicious ride.

We’ll dive into wines that are highly allocated, intensely unique, and made by hand. In order to be selected, they will need to be farmed organically (whether certified or not) and made according to our conception of minimal intervention (indigenous yeasts, no chemical additives, chaptalization, acidification, deacidification, and with minimal effect sulphur added, if any). But Sauvage is more than a natural wine club, it’s a study of wines, regions, and winemakers that are changing the landscape of wine as we know it.

Here’s what you get with your Sauvage Club membership:

  • 2 bottles of exciting, highly allocated natural wines each month
  • 10% discount on eligible wine and food in our Market, Wine Shop & Wine Bar
  • Discover hidden gems made by trendsetting producers
  • Be the first to know about private wine dinners, tastings, and special events

Unfortunately we cannot ship or deliver wine clubs at this time. 

Please note: If you place an order for a recurring club membership after the 1st but before the last day of a given month, you will be charged at the time of purchase for that month's selections, which you can pick up at any time. Your recurring club charge will process on the 1st of every subsequent month until cancelled.