Parisian Ham with Brown Butter and Comté Recipe

Parisian Ham with Brown Butter and Comté Recipe

Jan 03, 2024Sadie Williams

This dish has been on our wine bar menu for as long as we can remember. Lush slices of Parisian ham drizzled with brown butter and thinly shaved Comté. It’s such a simple combination, but so delicious. 

The dish is an homage to Paris bistros like Bistro Paul Bert and Vin Mon Lapin. It might in fact be stolen from one of the two, inspired by a long-ago-lunch fueled by too much good wine. But you know what they say about theft? It’s the ultimate form of flattery. 

You can recreate the dish at home with a few simple ingredients. 


  • Parisian ham, thinly sliced
  • Butter
  • Comté


Step One

Arrange the ham in little piles, not too tidily, across the plate until the entire surface is covered. The surface of the ham should be textured with ridges and valleys.

Shave Comté in a generous layer over the ham.

Step Two 

Place the butter in a light-colored pan at medium heat and melt, stirring constantly. It will foam and sizzle. Keep stirring for about 5-8 minutes (depending on how much butter you used) until the butter is golden brown. The milk solids will be collecting at the bottom and they will be golden brown.

Step Three

Remove the pan from heat and pour the butter immediately into a heat-proof bowl.

Step Four

Using a spoon, drizzle the butter over the ham and Comté. 

Step Five

Serve immediately with warm crusty bread and a glass of white Burgundy or other Chardonnay.

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