Dedalus Exists to Shape Wine Culture

We're here to tell wine's story

It's a story of endless discovery.

It’s a story of people and places, culture, struggle, love, and war.

It’s a story of joy, the good life, and how to live it.

It’s our story.

We tell it every day.

Our Mission

The Dedalus mission is to create deep, lasting and personalized connections to wine through uncompromising curation, powerful storytelling and immersive experiences.

We're here to tell wine’s story, inspire great drinking, bring people happiness, bring communities together around the table, and build a world class wine business.

Wine is for Everybody

We're committed to defining a new wine culture. One that closes the gap between wine growers and wine drinkers. A culture that celebrates the simple, sustaining pleasures of the table and does away with the old gatekeepers. To do this, we build beautiful, warm spaces and connected experiences that orbit wine. We build passionate teams that bring it into your life, show you how to use it, explore it, and enjoy it. They work to cultivate our shared understanding of what makes good wine good.

Our Wines, Our Spaces, Our Place

The wines we sell at Dedalus are made sustainably by people we know.

We Want to Make Beautiful, Artisan Wines a Part of Everybody's Everyday


Always Delicious

The joy of a totally delicious bottle of wine is something everybody should feel every time they drink wine. Every single bottle we sell should blow away those expectations.


Made by People

Couple skill with passion, belief, and curiosity and you will always find better wine. All of our wines are made by small growers and cooperatives often producing parcels of wine at less than 1K cases.


Expressive & Connected

We want to understand wines’ connection to a place and the culture that exists there. Our wines express these connections - and they connect you to these experiences.


Less is More

Wines that use chemical modifiers such as anti-foaming agents or Big Purple cloud those connections, express less vineyard and more laboratory.