Everything here orbits wine. The delicious kind made by hand, by people who care a great deal.

The story of wine is the story of endless discovery.

It’s the story of people and places, culture, struggle, love, and war.

It’s the story of joy, the good life, and how to live it.

It’s a story we tell everyday at Dedalus.

It’s our story.

Spend a minute with anybody who works here and you’ll know what we’re all about. It’s not complicated. Everything here orbits wine. What kind of wine? The delicious kind made by hand, by people who care a great deal about what it is they’re putting in the bottle. It’s their labor, their love, their expression. We think drinking their wine should be a pleasure. It should happen at the table every night. Your table or ours, it doesn’t matter. Just as long as it happens with the same excitement, warmth and hospitality you’d feel if you were visiting our winemaking friends in Piedmont, Burgundy or Napa. And plenty of the delicious food you'd eat if you ever find yourself at their tables. It doesn’t matter if you’re new to this, or if you’re in our trade. There’s just nothing better. We want you to know that feeling. That’s what we’re all about.

Dedalus started out as a little backroom wine shop with a dozen or so selections. Just the stuff we wanted to drink but couldn’t find anywhere else. Over the years we’ve grown to become one of the best indie wine shops in the country. We’ve added a world-class cheese, charcuterie and conserva selection and built a warm, welcoming wine bar stocked with awesome bottles and great food. All under one roof.

Today we stock hundreds of wines - Thankfully it’s still just the stuff we want to drink. We travel the world looking for it.

The story of wine is the story of endless discovery.


Always Delicious

The joy of a totally delicious bottle of wine is something everybody should feel every time to drink wine. Every single bottle we sell should blow away those expectations.


Made by People

Couple skill with passion, belief, and curiosity and you will always find better wine. All of our wines are made by small growers and cooperatives often producing parcels of wine at less than 1K cases.


Expressive & Connected

We want to understand wines’ connection to a place and the culture that exists there. Our wines express these connections - and they connect you to these experiences.


Less is More

Wines that use chemical modifiers such as anti-foaming agents or Big Purple cloud those connections, express less vineyard and more laboratory.