Dedalus is defining a new wine culture.

One that closes the gap between wine growers and wine drinkers. A culture that celebrates the simple, sustaining pleasures of the table and does away with the old gatekeepers and point systems. To do this, we build beautiful, warm spaces and connected experiences that orbit wine. We build passionate teams that bring it into your life and show you how to enjoy it and explore it.

Our Mission

Dedalus creates deep, lasting, and personalized connections to wine through uncompromising curation, powerful storytelling, and immersive experiences.

Our Values

We’re in deep at Dedalus. We’ve walked the vineyards, broken bread at the winemakers' tables, worked harvests, studied the maps and taken the tests. We’re big wine nerds with big wine energy. We know what's good, and we want to share it with you. Here's what we look for when selecting wines.


We want every bottle of wine you drink to be delicious. That’s why every wine on our shelves is handpicked by our team to blow you away with every single sip.

Made by People

All our wines are made by real people. They make small amounts of wine each year because they know that quality always comes over quantity.

Sense of Place

Terroir is about connectivity. The bottles you'll find at Dedalus are completely connected to the places and cultures they come from.

Less is More

All of the wines we carry are made with minimal intervention. We believe that the best wine is made when you allow the true expression of the grape to shine.

The Dedalus Experience

When you’re with Dedalus — shopping online or attending a class or dining in our wine bar — the bottles you taste come to life. Suddenly, the winemaker is a family friend, the vineyard a familiar haunt, the meal you enjoy with the wine something exciting and new. Wine becomes more than good juice. It becomes an exciting part of your life. This is how we make that happen.
Our Stores

Our Stores

In our shops, you’ll find bottles by some of the most renowned names in wine today, and rising stars. Our heart and soul are classic wines made by real people, but you’ll also find bottles from the avant-garde. Our team of experts connects you with the wines you want, and those you didn’t even know you needed.
Our Tastings

Our Tastings

The best way to learn about wine is to drink it. That’s why we offer free weekly tastings in all our shops. Once a week, we open new and exciting bottles so you have the opportunity to try before you buy and discover new favorites in the process.
Our Wine Bar

Our Wine Bar

This is where it all comes together. The atmosphere, the wine, you, your friends, and great food. In the Burlington Wine Bar, we deliver delicious, elevated plates like hand-made pasta, house-made charcuterie, and rotating seasonal dishes that make great wine taste even better.
Our Events

Our Events

It wouldn’t be Dedalus without our community. As a hub of wine culture in the U.S.A. we welcome visiting winemakers, importers, writers, and friends into our spaces to share our love of wine. We do this so you can meet the makers and connect with the people shaping wine today.

In the Press

We’ve been called one of the best wine shops in the U.S in both national and local publications. We’re honored with every mention, share, and tag. It means we’re succeeding in changing lives by connecting good people with great wine
Seven DaysBest Wine Bar, 2023

"For many oenophiles, Dedalus is the place to buy wine; the purchasing team only stocks bottles it stands behind 100 percent."

The New York Times36 Hours in Burlington, VT

"Migrate next door to the candle-lit Dedalus Wine Bar, which pours exceptional bottles from small producers, mostly from France, Italy and the United States (glasses start from around $9). If you taste something you like, you can take it home."

Wine EnthusiastBest Wine Shops in the U.S. for 2022, According to Pros

“Dedalus has a phenomenal selection of Old World wine, a lot of which I would love to be able to cellar,” says Briana Volk, co-owner of Hunt and Alpine in Portland, Maine. “Their staff is so sweet and informative that I always leave with something very exciting.”