Now this Thirst club selection is a real treat. Our good friends at SelectioNaturel in Massachusetts make a living importing some of the best, most wild and adventurous natural Italian wines anywhere. But, being a small importer whose focus is on wines $30 and up, it’s rare that we’d be able to consider their wines for Thirst. Recently, they added a wonderful new producer from Lazio–Colleformica–whose wines we’ve been admiring ever since. They are the real deal–everything done naturally, even by the strictest interpretations. Thought they normally retail for $30 or above, we were able to secure a very special deal on their Bianco, just to get it into the club and spread the joy. It is therefore very special indeed, not to mention the perfect next-level white for the warm weather.


Their lovely ‘Gialla’ Bianco represents a blend of two of Italy’s greatest–if under appreciated–white varieties, Malvasia (75%) and Trebbiano (25%). Malvasia brings perfume and resiny weight to the party, whereas Trebbiano brings gravitas and ripe white orchard fruits. ‘Gialla’ is fermented spontaneously and sees 7 days of skin contact. After aging in fiberglass, it is bottles without fining or filtration, and only with minimal sulphur. This lively yet quirky white pairs beautifully with just about anything, but will be particularly excellent with our recipe for Summer Sweet & Sour Soup (recipe on reverse).

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