Take-Out Bottles Bundle

Number of Bottles
  • 2 or 3 bottles we always have on hand for takeout or BYOB
  • Tried and true wines that exceed expectations and make mouths water
  • The easiest way to bring your takeout dinner to the next level
  • Chosen by our team based on what we're most excited about in our shop today

More Info

Ordering in is one of the great joys of life. Place a quick call, and an hour later you’re tucking into your comfort food du jour, whether pizza or Thai. When the occasion strikes, be prepared with wines that turn your table into the best restaurant in town.

We’ll pick 2 bottles that we constantly turn to for takeout. These are the wines we have stocked and ready to go so that when the mood strikes, we’re prepared. Like all our wines, they’re made with minimal intervention by people who worship quality over quantity. Sit back and let us take your dinner to the next level.