Jan 31, 2021Gage Kennie

Clos Bissardon Moulin-à-Vent Mortperay 2019 - $35.99


It’s no secret that Dedalus loves Beaujolais. And the wine world is catching on. Interest in the region has been steadily rising over the years–and prices with it. Though the biggest names may no longer be the absolute steal that they once were, there is still tremendous value to be found. Effectively ground zero for the natural wine movement, Beaujolais has as much terroir to explore as the Côte d’Or to the North. The story of the revitalization of the region began with Kermit Lynch’s famous Gang of Four: Lapierre, Foillard, Thévenet, and Breton – but, the story didn’t stop there. We are in the midst of a second stage of that revolution as the children begin to inherit their parents' vineyards and young ambitious vintners seek out land that is relatively affordable compared to its neighbor to the North (Burgundy). This month we are exploring the up-and-comers of the region.


Richard Rottiers took over 3 hectares of vineyards back in 2007, and has been trying to interpret the unique terroir of Moulin-à-Vent ever since. Often considered one of Beaujolais’s most cellar-worthy crus, Moulin-à-Vent, will definitely benefit from some time unwinding. We recommend pulling the cork and letting it breathe for an hour before diving in or giving it 2-3 years in the cellar if you have the patience! All of the grapes for this cuvée comes from a lieu-dit named Mortperay that borders the neighboring cru of Fleurie and Alain Coudert’s Clos de la Roilette. Rich fruit is on full display with a noticeable roundness thanks to 6 months aging in both casks and barrels. This is a wine for hearty fare and good times. Give it some air before drinking, and shoot for cellar temperature when serving.


by Liza Morgioni

Hit That Jive- Gramatik

Moulin-a-Vent is often rated the highest amongst the Beaujolais crus due to its robust soil; manganese runs through the granite soils making for a nutrient rich environment for these Gamay grapes to grow. With the fruity yet floral and earthy aromas present in this vintage of Clos Bissardon, it is sure to impress. Not only delicious, this wine is also versatile, and could pair well with a burger night or the next time you order Thai takeout. 

We know that the folks of Beaujolais are party people and like to have a good time, but these vignerons are talented and uber dedicated to terroir, though also known for not taking themselves too seriously. They’re the type to sit around a table, eat lots of amazing food, drink beautiful wine, and smoke cigarettes until the sun comes up. So, if you’re going to follow in their footsteps, you’ll need the proper party jams to accompany the night. This song samples the 1940s swing song, Hit That Jive, Jack by Nat King Cole, and mixes it to have an electro-funk beat. It’s a hip combo of the old and the new, which I think the producers would appreciate.

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