Beyond Provence: Unearthing 5 Surprising Rosé Enclaves with Unbeatable Prices

Beyond Provence: Unearthing 5 Surprising Rosé Enclaves with Unbeatable Prices

Jun 16, 2023Dedalus Staff

By this point in time, we’re over the rosé boom. That’s not to say that we’re over rosé, just that we’re done with the unnecessary hype. The jacked-up prices. We’re done with the literally pale imitations of great rosé that leave us wanting. Finding remarkable rosé has never been an issue, however, prices have risen, and feeding our thirst for good pink wine, like everything else, has gotten more expensive. So while we love the hallmark rosés of Provence, we’re turning to five other winemaking regions and countries to find sublime rosés at unbeatable prices.

At Dedalus, our search always begins with a thirst for true rosé de terroir. These are pink wines that tell a story about where they come from and the people making them. Like every bottle on our shelves, they come from real people, winemakers working with passion and conviction to create honest, delicious wine. We treat them the same way we would great red or white wine because we know their true value. So when you see a rosé in our shop, you know that it’s been vetted for quality and is here because it passed the test. 

You’ll find plenty of rosé de terroir in Provence, but we’re shining a light on five other places you can look to find delicious rosé that tastes like it should cost way more than it does. In these overlooked and underrated corners of the wine world, exciting winemakers are crafting exceptional rosés that deliver both quality and affordability.

Languedoc: A Rebirth of Flavor and Value

Once overshadowed as a producer of bulk and sweet wines, Languedoc-Roussillon in southern France has emerged as a region brimming with potential. With lower land prices, diverse terroirs, and ancient vines, a new generation of winemakers has revitalized this area. They’re crafting delicious rosés that are dry and full-bodied from Syrah, Grenache, Mourvèdre, Cinsault, and Carignan grapes. Noteworthy producers include Maxim Magnon, who left Burgundy to create the stunning Rozeta, and hidden gems like Domaine de Fontsainte, Mas de Cabras, and Domaine de la Tour Vieille.

Portugal: Unveiling a Still Wine Renaissance

Portugal has long been associated with its fortified wines, but a renaissance is underway, showcasing the country's prowess in still wine production. As this hidden gem gains recognition, the prices haven't caught up to the quality, making Portuguese rosés a fantastic place to find good buys. Explore the diverse range of Portuguese rosés, characterized by their unique regional expressions and indigenous grape varieties.

Spain: Bold Reds' Rosé Revolution

Known for its bold Riojas and Priorats, Spain is no stranger to producing exceptional wines. However, the country's rising stars are now embracing the art of crafting outstanding rosés. Young producers like Sandra Bravo of Sierra de Toloño are making waves with their fantastic rosés at attractive price points. Not to be missed is AT Roca, whose sparkling rosé from Penedes delivers a drinking experience miles apart from its price.

Corsica: Affordable Elegance from the Isle of Beauty

Corsican rosés have gained a well-deserved reputation for their exquisite quality, but they often come with a hefty price tag. But you can still find good deals on the island. Blending international grape varieties like Syrah with indigenous varieties like Nielluciu and Sciaccarelu, Corsican winemakers craft rosés that exude elegance and charm, providing a delightful experience without draining your wallet.

Germany: A Rosé Revelation Beyond Riesling

In a land renowned for its crystalline Rieslings, the world of German rosé remains a well-kept secret. However, innovative producers are pushing the boundaries and crafting delicious rosés from local grape varieties. These refreshing and vibrant rosés offer a unique expression of German winemaking beyond the expected.

Keep Your Eyes Open

Good rosé at great prices is out there, just waiting to be found. This is an invitation to step outside of Provence and explore these lesser-known bastions of delicious pink wine. The Languedoc, Spain, Portugal, Corsica, and Germany — it's where we're looking now, but those regions are just the tip of the iceberg. Wherever there is wine, there is rosé. You'll also find great examples in California, the Canary Islands, the Loire Valley, Argentina, and beyond.

With your new knowledge of these under-the-radar places to find rosé, you'll be tasting great value in no time: the bottles we’ve chosen for you will deliver a drinking experience that far outpaces their price tag.


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