Love Wines: Our Top Wines for Valentine's Day

Love Wines: Our Top Wines for Valentine's Day

Jan 26, 2024Sadie Williams

The table is where we come together. It’s a place of daily communion. Maybe we come to the table for simple sustenance. Maybe to worship a particularly juicy cut of steak. And wine has always been central to the table. Our favorite memories of wine are always the ones seated around the table with people we love, eating and laughing and having a great time. 

So it follows that wine is the perfect thing to drink on Valentine’s Day. Whether you’re a  Galentine’s girl or you’re into the traditional candle-lit dinner, there are plenty of bottles that will make your day feel special. That said…there are a few consistent winners that we think you should know about. Read on to get our recommendations for Valentine’s Day wines that will make for a memorable night.


A classic choice! Deep, earthy reds like Bordeaux bring a touch of sophistication to your meal. This is the kind of wine that you want to drink with a steak or other rich, meaty foods. The robust flavors and higher tannins found in Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot work insanely well with juicy meats. Plus, opening a bottle of Bordeaux just feels special.


Normally, we think that you shouldn’t wait for a special occasion to open Champagne. But heck, when the occasion arrives, seize it! Shuck some oysters for apps and pair with rich, frothy Champagne. Champagnes that have spent more time on the lees — the dead yeast cells that are a byproduct of fermentation — develop that bready, briochy aroma and flavor that is so utterly captivating in good Champagne. It pairs perfectly with the umami flavors in oysters. 

Hot tip: make it a high-low dinner. Start with oysters and move on to pizza or fried chicken — both options will light up when paired with Champagne!


Sure, maybe Valentine’s Day marketing gets a little over-the-top….but pink wine is fun. And delicious. And worth your time no matter what the temperature is outside! If you can find a bottle of Bandol rosé, or maybe one of the wildy delicious, garrigue-infused rosés of Corsica, snag it and uncork with a cheeseboard or your dinner. Rosé is an amazing pairing choice because it usually has a juicy acidity that will elevate most meals.

Wines with a Story

Okay so not technically a style of wine…but there are so many amazing stories out there attached to beautiful wines. Like AMI in Burgundy. The name translates to “friend” in French, and the domaine was started by friends Willy and Paul, it’s a fresh, natural take on Burgundy that we love to share with our friends. 

Or the 100% cuvées by Yann Bertrand. Imagine showing up for your date with a bottle of Bertrand Julienas…100% in your hand as a symbol of your all-in devotion to your favorite person. We would fall for a lot more than the beautiful Gamay in that brightly colored bottle.

So what do you think? Will you go for Champagne with a high-low dinner of oysters and fried chicken? Or Bordeaux with steak in the candlelight? You’ve got plenty of great options, and more when you come shop with us.

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