The Story of the Dedalus Exclusive Wines

The Story of the Dedalus Exclusive Wines

May 18, 2023Dedalus Staff

Dedalus is more than just a wine shop. We’re a community of wine lovers dedicated to bringing you deep into the story of wine. One of the ways we do that is through our exclusive wines. These are bottles that we make in collaboration with some of our absolute favorite winemakers. They tell new stories about different wine regions around the world and give people like you a chance to try great wine for a great price. So dig in and learn what makes our exclusive wines so special.

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The Story Behind the Lineup

These wines come from our close relationships with winemakers we care about. We celebrate winemakers like Faith Armstrong, who hunts out the most interesting sustainably farmed vineyards. And Presqu’ile, who bring a classic, traditional lens to great California terroir. Winemakers are the backbone of what we do at Dedalus: we’re here to honor their craft, and their persistence, their vision, and to showcase the amazing wines they make every year. 

We’ve always hosted winemakers at our shops, whether it’s for our weekly free tastings, raucous events in our Burlington Wine Bar, or our annual wine-buying blow-out Cosmic Wines. Collaborating on these exclusive wines is how we go deeper and connect you directly to those winemakers.

About the Prices

We sell plenty of great bottles at great prices. But creating wines like this allows us to set great prices that respect all the hard work that goes into these bottles, and your need to try great wine for less. We’ve partnered with winemakers in California, France, Australia, and Italy to make insanely delicious wines that outperform their price tags. They take you straight to the source for an unfiltered view of what good wine is today.

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Introducing Our Exclusives

Fatto Tombola

This  light, chillable red made from100% Gagnolino comes from Fausto and Cinzia Cellario of Poderi Cellario in Piedmont. Drinking it will make you feel like you’re a Piedmont local. You’ll get notes of cherry Twizzler and fruit leather, Ocean Spray cranberry juice, Cynar, Hibiscus tea, and spicy herbs like tarragon and thyme.


Since 2000, Presqu’ile has been crafting minimal intervention wine in the Santa Maria Valley. We partnered with them to make Kasyan: a line of Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, and Syrah. Their techniques are overall, incredibly natural: native yeast fermentations and minimal intervention. The resulting wines are finessed, complex — endlessly fascinating to drink, and share.


Faith Armstrong, a negociant in Mendocino County, buys fruit from responsibly farmed vineyards and has a style that is light, fresh, and highly drinkable. The two wines she made for Dedalus— one white and one red — were first made during a tumultuous wildfire season in California, and they are incredibly evocative blends that showcase a new side of California wine and Faith’s immense talent and perserverance.

Scar of the Sea x Dedalus

Mikey and Gina Giugni, a husband and wife duo, have truly left their mark on the wine scene in San Luis Obispo. Their Chardonnay and Pinot Noir are not just wines — they're an experience. Rich and evocative on the nose, yet electric on the palate, these wines showcase the meticulous effort and passion poured into every step of the winemaking process.


In the heart of one of Australia's most historic estates, a sexy, unapologetic Cabernet Sauvignon was born — meet "Skilly." It’s made by the winemakers of Seppeltsfield, one of Australia’s oldest wineries, who we had the fortune to meet through our friend Jonathan Ross of Legend Imports. This wine shatters all preconceived notions of what Australian wine can be. It’s been described as "a party in a bottle." It's a testament to the ancient soils and modern skills that together make Australian wine such a fascinating winemaking region.


This Grand Cru grower Champagne was created by Richard and Veronique of Petit Le Brun, a small family-run operation. Rich, energizing, and perfectly balanced, Gardette is a ridiculously well-priced grower Champagne that is neck-and-neck with bottles double its price tag.

Lo Scultore

The Corsini family in Tuscany created our maddeningly delicious Lo Scultore, a Chianti and Chianti Riserva that sees Sangiovese boosted by a tiny bit of Colorino. We met them through our friends at Grand Cru Selections, importers of some of the best wines out there. Timeless and elegant, with pops of lush red fruit and a rustic flicker, these bottles radiate pleasure with a savory streak and whiff of worn leather.

A Wine For Every Wine Lover

Each bottle in our exclusive collection carries its own story of heritage, resilience, and innovation. These bottles are odes to the winemakers and importers who make Dedalus possible, and who work every day to bring truly great wines to your glass. Kasyan’s minimal intervention perfection, Lumita’s intimate connection to California terroir, the electric excitement of Scar of the Sea x Dedalus, Skilly’s unapologetic party spirit, Gardette’s grandeur and elegance, or Lo Scultore’s maddening charm—there is a story and a taste for every wine lover. 

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