Top 10 Wine Gifts for the Wine Lover in Your Life

Top 10 Wine Gifts for the Wine Lover in Your Life

Nov 22, 2022Dedalus Staff

What to Give a Wine Lover for the Holidays

The holidays are just around the corner and now is the time to start thinking about checking names off your list. Likely, you have more than a few wine lovers in your life. According to Wine Intelligence, around 77 million people in the U.S.A. drink wine.

Now, not all wine lovers are the same. We’re as unique and varied as any other type of enthusiast. So what to get your wine-loving extreme skier? Or the person who just had a baby?

Find out in our list of 10 gifts for wine lovers.

For the person who has everything

The Straight to the Source Gift Box

They might think they have everything, but unless they snuck into our warehouse and discovered these exclusive wines, they certainly don’t have this gift box.

Dedalus partners with up-and-coming and established winemakers for our exclusive wines to create classic, minimal-intervention wines that can only be found on our shelves. They’re singular, but not precious — perfect for the person who loves to gather a few friends around the table for a good time.


  • Gardette Champagne Brut Grand Cru NV
  • Scar of the Sea x Dedalus Central Coast Chardonnay 2021
  • Scar of the Sea x Dedalus San Luis Obispo County Pinot Noir 2021
  • Skilly Clare Valley Cabernet Sauvignon 2021
  • Dedalus Branded Wine Key

For the sleuth

Meet the Maker Gift Box

You know this one. Whatever the story, they know how it started. They seem to have all the information because they live to get the full picture. Give them a free ticket to exclusive behind-the-scenes storytelling with this gift box.

In addition to two classic wines from California and the Rhône Valley, the person you give this to will get a free ticket to a live-streamed Q&A with one of the winemakers.


  • Faury Côte Rôtie 2019
  • Roman Ceremony Santa Ynez Cabernet Sauvignon 2021
  • Winemaker Q&A

For the New Parent

The Me Cumpari Gift Box

Starting a family is a big deal. Expanding one too. Score extra points with this gift box that shows them you see how important their family is, and also gives them a quick easy meal that makes getting dinner on the table a breeze.

Gaetano and Nicoletta Gargano, the owners of il Censo, make wine, pasta, olive oil, and more in their little corner of Sicily. They work with heritage grains and produce to create products unlike any other that will transport you to the sun-soaked earth of their humble farm. This box expresses the warmth of family, and even includes a letter from Gaetano and Nicoletta.


  • Il Censo Bicemu Olive Oil
  • Il Censo Fussoloni
  • Il Censo Terre Siciliane Bianco Praruar 2019

For the Person Who Loves Homework

The Beginner’s Guide to Wine Class Bundle

You know this one. They may not have been a straight-A student but they love to hit the books. When they’re interested in something, they go all in.

Whether they’re a complete wine novice or a longtime wine lover, give someone a fresh start this new year fresh with a series designed to bring them to the next level of their wine journey.

With experts from one of New England’s best wine bars, they’ll learn all about wine, from the most basic building blocks, to how to pair it with their favorite foods. After these four classes, they won’t just know more about wine. They’ll know more about what they like, and how to ask for it.

For the Collector

The Epic Wines of Burgundy

So you know a really serious wine lover. Someone who has a cellar (or cupboard) stocked with bottles they’ve painstakingly collected over the years. It seems so hard to shop for them — their taste is so specific.

But here’s the thing: most wine collectors will appreciate a bottle of red or white Burgundy, something they can drink now or throw down to age for a few years.

In this collection, you’ll find epic wines from some of our favorite Burgundy winemakers at a variety of price points. Because wine that’s worth aging isn’t always going to break the bank.

For the Life of the Party

Gardette Champagne Brut Grand Cru NV

They live the good life. It seems like no matter the time of day, or the occasion, this person is ready to throw on some tunes and pop bottles. Their energy is infectious. Celebrate them, and their penchant for getting down, with a bottle of this exclusive Grand Cru Champagne made for Dedalus by Richard and Veronique of Petit le Brun.

For the Person Who Has Way Too Much Wine

The Fine & Rare Gift Box

No such thing. But, their fridge is overflowing. The cupboard door won’t close. You can’t even get down the basement stairs because there’s a case of wine blocking it. This person doesn’t need wine. They need cheese.

Our Fine and Rare gift box is stocked with edible goodies from our market. It’s a collection of exquisite treats you’d be hard-pressed to find anywhere else. They won’t have to worry about finding pairings for any of their hard won bottles, because you’ve given them the perfect cheese platter.


  • 1/2 lb Comté
  • 1/2 lb Cabot Black Label Cheddar1
  • pc Gueyu Mar Sardines
  • 1 pc Venchi Chocolate
  • 1 Jar Mario Bianco Hot Honey
  • 1 box Crackers

For the Localvore

Ellison Estate Washed Willoughby

This person shops local from their carrots to their socks. Their eggs most likely come from a neighbor and they can list every bookstore in town.

Show them you see how important it is to shop small and support Vermont businesses with this hyper-local, Dedalus-exclusive cheese. Made just for us by the Cellars at Jasper Hill in Greensboro Bend, VT, this soft, gooey Willoughby is washed in wine from Ellison Estate Vineyards in Grand Isle, Vermont.

For the Winter Sportsmeister

Alpine Wine and Cheese

After a long day of zipping down the slopes, this one’s legs will be jelly but their spirits will be high. Give them the ultimate refreshment with an après ski combo fit for the goons of the Ski Patrol.

Grab a vintage-inspired Alpine Wines tote and pack it to the brim with wines and cheeses crafted in cool Alpine climates.

For the Sweet Tooth

Holiday Chocolates

It’s a tried but true gift. Pick out a handful of our specially imported holiday chocolates to surprise your boo. They’ll be reminded of how sweet you are with every bite.

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