Dec 31, 2020Chris LaBranche

Marco Tanganelli Rude 2018 - $24.99


Marco Tanganelli’s ‘Rude’, on the other hand, is a longer-aged iteration within the same glou-glou, natural red category. Located in a forgotten corner of Tuscany, the Tanganelli family have been producing under-the-radar natural gems for decades. Even today, within our own selection, they remain a real natural wine lovers wine. This month, we’re spreading the love with Marcos’ lovely 100% Sangiovese ‘Rude’. As with all of our producers for Sauvage, natural fermentations are crucial, and sulphur use is at a bare minimum, but unlike Conestabile’s ‘Nuovo’, Marco favors long, gentle fermentations, with plenty of aging time in neutral vessels. As such we have what is certainly a fresh and exuberant red, but one that’s had time to relax, come together, and present itself harmoniously in the glass.


Though Tuscany has gained much acclaim over the years for it’s more regal wines from Chianti & Brunello, there remain producers dedicated to producing what Tanganelli calls ‘old-school, Tuscan peasant wines’–the likes of which you would have found yourself drinking in a humble trattoria back in the day, before chemical agriculture took over everywhere. These are simple, organic wines made honestly to refresh and delight on the dinner table. They may not age for two decades or garner hundred point scores from esteemed journalists, but they are among the most versatile reds for the table out there. All the beauty of Sangiovese is on display in ‘Rude’ with ample freshness underlying its cherry fruit, silky but persistent tannins, and a depth and concentration rarely found in chillable reds such as this. Try it with some take-out pizza and you won’t be disappointed.


by Liza Morgioni

Movie- Tom Misch

Marco Tanganelli understands just how much his Tanganelli Rude has benefited from plenty of aging time. In this song, the singer reflects on a past relationship, recalling beautiful memories and feeling sure that if they were to reunite after all this time, that it would be even better than before. The music video oscillates between footage of Tom Misch and clips from the 1940s of his grandparents in love. It’s the perfect juxtaposition of young and old, with the latter being much sweeter and charming due to its age. 

Such is the vibe of the Tanganelli Rude 2018. This song is sure to give you the same sentimental feeling as your wine, with its sound as silky and smooth as the finish of this Sangiovese. With the slow pulse of the baseline, it’s impossible not to draw a connection between this track and the depth of the wine. Let it “set the scene”.

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