Feb 28, 2021Gage Kennie

Ver Sacrum Monastrell 'Chacayes' 2018 - $20.99


We leave the Old World behind, for an exploration of a Rhône/Provençal superstar grown in Argentina. Mourvèdre, the M in a GSM blend (Grenache, Syrah, Mourvèdre), is one component in the Holy Trinity that is used for the famous wines of Chateauneuf-du-Pape, Gigondas, and Vacqueyras. However, here it is referred to by its Spanish name Monastrell. Eduardo Soler and two friends began Ver Sacrum as a project to make the Rhône wines they loved and to bring back the Rhône varieties that flourished in the region before they were ripped out in the race to plant Malbec. There is a decided intention to “bottle the vineyard” and create wines that are light on their feet, and fun to drink. 100% single vineyard hand harvested Monastrell reveals how this grape is not always the brooding and gamey wine we’ve come to expect with examples like France’s Bandol. 


Receiving the “Beaujolais treatment” with the use of semi-carbonic maceration for four days followed by a 20 days fermenting in a 3,000L unlined cement egg is quite a-typical for Monastrell. Carbonic maceration offers the levity and fruity nose we expect from Beaujolais, but it is also Ver Sacrum’s high elevation vineyards that make for a cooler and longer growing season that helps the grapes to retain their acidity. Despite Monestrall’s long-cycle, they choose to pick a bit earlier so that spice and fruit are in balance. This wine is superbly translucent, gulpable, and serious at the same time. 


by Liza Morgioni

Corazon- Federico Aubele 

Federico Aubele is an Argentinian singer-songwriter known for his versatile style. He blends different genres, creating music that is unique, yet also retains a quality that is unmistakably Argentinian. Ver Sacrum is named after an ancient roman custom in which young adults were expelled from their community with the expectation to go create new villages. So, the audacity to be a pioneer is what drives these vintners. From what I can tell, Corazon is about moving on from a past love, or at least deciding to keep moving forward whether they want to join in that journey or not. 

Eduardo Soler, one of the founders of Ver Sacrum, declares that their winery’s ultimate purpose is to create something new. Corazon represents that intention well, with its tango, electronic, reggaeton, and bolero influences. The result is a song that is so dynamic and filled with energy that I’m not sure you’ll be able to resist getting up and dancing, but why would you want to? Such is the effect that your Monastrell Chacayes is likely to have on you. This wine is downright vivacious, with fruit notes and bright acidity as vibrant as the horns on this track. Its light tannin and notes of dried leaves keep it grounded, much like the accented drum riff and subtle bass line. Don’t be afraid to repeat this inviting duo; go ahead- pour a second glass and press play.

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