Sep 30, 2020Chris LaBranche

Laetitia & Rodolphe's Cyprès de Toi Blanc, however, is a different animal. This is organic Chardonnay from calcareous soils. Unabashedly a white Languedoc wine, with a more tropical fruit profile than you may be used to with Chardonnay, it retains the minerality and freshness that we expect from the variety. It can be very, very difficult to craft such precise, elegant whites from such a warm climate, and we have to say that this particular bottle is among the best we've had from the Languedoc. 


Deep and rich, ripe yet fresh, tropical yet saline, this Corbières Chardonnay is among the most unique we’ve tasted. It’s said that Chardonnay is perhaps the best variety around for terroir expression, as the innate characteristics of Chardonnay are rather basic, one can really see through the fruit and ascertain the character of the place from which it came. That’s usually how people describe the difference between White Burgundies grown 100 meters away from each other, anyway. Alas, too, here we see Chardonnay with a Southern flair, like a Mâcon Blanc’s Mediterranean cousin. Beautiful with just about anything you might normally pair with Chardonnay from elsewhere, you simply can’t go wrong with a bottle of this and a well-herbed roast chicken.

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