Mar 05, 2021Chris LaBranche

STORY For the first time in recent memory anyway, it’s a pleasure to include a wine from one the regions that sits closest to our heart–Corsica. This glorious Mediterranean island has a storied history, culture, and a serious drinking and eating culture steeped in both French and Italian history. Ten years ago, no one knew about Corsican wine, and with the help of foreward thinking producers the likes of which you’ve probably seen in the shop–Arena, Leccia, Canarelli, and Abbatucci among them–along with importers like Kermit Lynch, Corsica is undoubtedly one of the quickest rising stars in French wine. Summer without Corsican rosé or Vermentino is now unthinkable for us. The only caveat is that great Corsican wine for a good price can be hard to find. You’ll be glad that we found this lively Vermentino-Chardonnay Blend as it’s the perfect summer quaffer, brimming with Mediterranean flair. TASTING Vermentino was likely introduced to Corsican hillsides during the reign of the Genoese. Like neighboring Sardinia, it is the most widely planted white variety on the island. With a tendency to produce wines of considerable ripeness and concentration, the most difficult task Corsican growers of Vermentino face is preserving acidity and mitigating alcohol. Our newest discovery, Terra Santa, incorporates an unusual blend of Vermentino and Chardonnay, which is uncommon in Corsica. Though Chardonnay can too ripen at high levels of alcohol, it has a tendency toward a less tropical fruit profile, which balances out this white wine beautifully. A true island white, this wine is beautiful with seafood of any kind.

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