Feb 28, 2020Chris LaBranche


Alright now, hear me out. This sparkling, Lombardian red wine is going to seriously elevate your wine drinking repertoire. If you’re into Lambrusco by now, no doubt as a result of our staff pushing you in that direction, then this brand new, natural bottling is going to scratch that itch. If you haven’t taken the dive into this category yet, trust me on this. Though there are many regions and grapes and styles we adore, there simply is no wine more versatile than Lambrusco. No matter what you’re eating, who you’re partying with, or what mood you’re in, it is always appropriate. Never too serious or alcoholic, always fun. Fondo Bozole is one of our newest producers doing everything right and their wines are priced so fairly it’s almost absurd. 


Contrary to popular belief, the vast majority of modern Lambruscos are fermented bone-dry. Furthermore, though fruitiness and freshness are high priorities here, great versions like this also highlight savory and herbal flavors across the spectrum from brined black olives, roasted herbs, and damp earth. Like the majority of versions, ‘Giano’ clocks in under 12% alcohol with lively acidity and intense effervescence, the perfect thing to cut through the richness of your next Pizza Margherita, Meatball sub, or burger night. Chill it down like a proper rosé or white and enjoy. For a bit of a change, try it with our recipe for Scallion Oil Noodles.


Lambrusco is unique in that it can refer to both the appellation the wine comes from and the actual grape variety used. On top of that, there are several subvarieties within the parent variety of Lambrusco. This particular cuvée is made from Lambrusco Salomino coming from the appellation Lambrusco Montovano, which happens to be the only Lambrusco appellation outside of Emilia Romagna, though it is just over the border.

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