Giraudon Cote Roannaise Rouge Tentation 2021

Come off trail with us to Côte Roannaise. This secret garden of the Loire Valley is an under-the-radar hot-bed for stunning Gamay, but rarely makes it onto store shelves. We’re happy to share that we’ve got our hands on a few bottles from Vincent Giraudon so that you can get a glimpse of what this little-known area is all about. Vincent farms a tiny parcel and vinifies with his good friend Romain Paire, whose Domaine Pothiers is one of the most visible reference points for the Côte Roannaise. He’s a young winemaker drawing eyes back to the region with his minimal intervention approach and elegant results.

Delicious, drinkable Gamay gets a stony mineral backbone from the granite studded soils of Côte Roannaise. This is classic Gamay through a crisp new lens — it’s pure pleasure to drink, and reminds us of the audacious, natural Beaujolais winemakers we know and love. Bright violets and berries jump out of the glass.