Lo Scultore Chianti Classico Riserva Cortevecchia 2018

Finally, we have a new Chianti to satisfy your thirst. 

Of all the well-priced wines we carry, value Chianti Classico always sells out the quickest. There’s just something about it — rustic, with notes of game and leather, but opulent, rippling with waves of spice and cherry. A solid Chianti can make a whole meal.

And because of that, we’re always running low. Until today. Introducing Lo Scultore: our very own Chianti. This cuvée was made for the Dedalus community by the Corsini family of Tuscany, one of the oldest noble families in Italy.

It's classic in all the right ways, expertly made by a family that has specialized in Tuscan wine and agriculture for centuries. This Riserva, aged 4-8 months longer than a Chianti Classico, deepens and melds savory herbs, red fruits, and grounding mineral notes into a warm, richly dyed tapestry that pulls you deeper into its silk threads with every sip.