Curated Wine Cases

Let's make this easy.

You pick your budget or theme, and we pick the wines.

Ready to take the hard work out of finding great wine you can actually be excited about? With a case curated by our team, you’ll get 12 delicious, sought-after bottles that will make you the go-to friend for great wine.

Forget searching for showstoppers and coming up with zeros. Walking into wine shops and stalling — because which beautiful label will deliver?

We only deal in amazing. The bottles on our shelves come from legends and young lions alike. Winemakers we consider family — and after this, so will you.

Curated Wine Cases

For every curated case, our team hand-picks 12 wines that we’re passionate about. Whether it’s for their pristine representations of terroir, top-notch winemaking, compelling story, or cutting-edge flair, these are the bottles you’ll find on our tables, and the ones we recommend to our friends. 

If you’re ready to take all the work out of drinking great wine and become the most well-endowed wine drinker on the block, you’ve hit gold. Sit back, let us take the wheel, and you’ll be swimming in 12 bottles of head-turning wine in no time.

In your curated case, you’ll find bottles by some of the most renowned names in wine today, and rising stars. Our heart and soul are classic wines made by real people, but you’ll also find bottles from the avant-garde. Point being, the bottles that are about to land on your doorstep will turn heads. Inspire great drinking. And make your table the absolute best place to be, any day of the week.


All our wines are made by real people. They are hand harvested and handmade. They make small amounts of wine each year because they know that quality always comes first. 


A clear sense of place. Terroir is all about connectivity. Our wines are completely connected to the places and cultures they come from. With every bottle, you become connected to those things too.


Less is more. You won’t find chemical modifiers, commercial yeasts, or excessive sulfur in the wines on our shelves, because we believe that the best wine is made when you allow the true expression of the grape to shine.

Curated Two, Three, and Six Packs

Do you have a pile of takeout menus crammed in that drawer near your fridge? Is there a hole in your cellar where there should be a bottle from a legendary Burgundy winemaker? Are you on the hunt for gorgeous wines made by real people? Our lineup of 2, 3, and 6 packs makes it easy to always be fully stocked with wines you can feel good about drinking — or saving for a rainy day.
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