Preserving British Farmhouse Cheese with Neal's Yard Dairy

Neal's Yard Dairy rose from humble beginnings as a producer of fresh cheeses and yogurt in London to the foremost advocate for traditional British cheeses and in many cases, the guarantor of their survival to the present day. The protection and distribution of the so-called 'territorial cheeses became paramount to Neal's Yard founder Randolph Hodgson, and the company became the primary distributor of these traditional cheeses to customers and chefs all over the UK, and eventually, the world.

Our Neal's Yard Collection brings you a taste of Britain's pre-industrial past as well as the cheesemakers setting the pace for the future of British cheesemaking. For the full experience, grab yourself a bit of a chutney, bread, and some cornichons to enjoy a Dedalus take on the classic Ploughman's Lunch.


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