Sang des Cailloux

Vacqueyras is like a wolf. You can put a leash on it and parade it around for all of your friends to see, but deep inside there’s still a dark, savage, heart. 

And nobody channels it quite like Serge Férigoule of Sang des Cailloux. Just look at his vineyards on the iconic Plateau des Garrigues: the vines look like they could burst from their neatly trained forms at any second; like they’re just a few days away from returning to their pre-Roman state. The ground is studded with galets roulés — round stones — that make you feel like you’re walking across some crazy luminescent moonscape.

Serge makes sure nothing severs the connection between that jaw-dropping site and the wine. He farms organically and biodynamically, harvests by hand, and ferments with native yeasts. The result is wild, intense Southern Rhône wine bursting with untamed energy. 

Take his hallmark Vacqueyras Rouge. A streak of nervy acidity rips through the glass. With one whiff you’re falling through aromas of wild rosemary and lavender, the smoke of a distant campfire, struck flint, cracked black pepper, just ripe red cherry, and plum.

Don’t sleep on Serge’s wild wines.

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