What Wine to Bring to Folino's in Burlington

Folino's in is one of the best BYOB pizza spots in Burlington, Vermont. Their chewy, bubbly, slightly charred Connecticut style crust has earned them a massive following and multiple awards for "best pizza" from local alt weekly newspaper Seven Days. So what do we bring when we roll up to Folino's? That depends on what we're ordering.

For the classic cheese or Margherita, we're likely to grab a bottle of Champagne or a fruit-driven Chianti Classico.
For the Funghi or Truffle Pig, we'll swing for a Langhe Nebbiolo. If we're in a meat lover's mood and order the Frankenstein or Meatza, we'll go for a Côtes du Rhône.
Pies with a green streak like the Veggie or the Pesto Bomb will have us reaching for a crisp rosé.

But really, any of the wines in this collection will be a sure bet. Grab one bottle for every 2-3 people and you'll be set up for success.


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