What Wine to Bring to Tiny Thai

Tiny Thai in Winooski has long been a staple of the BYOB scene. When we're dining in or taking out, these are the wines we reach for. Riesling is a must — if you're having a dish with any amount of heat in it, a slightly sweet Riesling or sparkling with laser beam acidity will perfectly balance the spice and refresh your palate. We particularly like an off dry sparkling rosé or light red, like a Bugey Cerdon, for richer spiced dishes like the Spicy Eggplant or Duck Krapow. If the idea of sweetness has you running for the hills, just imagine taking a sip of tannic, bone dry wine after a bite of searing hot chile. It's not pleasant. Sweetness is essential for balancing spice. For milder dishes — especially creamy curries — a dry Riesling or sparkling wine will still work wonders because its lightning bolt acidity will cut through the richness of the curry.

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