What Wine to Drink at Pho Hong in Burlington, VT

Among the BYOB restaurants in Burlington, Pho Hong reigns supreme. Stop by Dedalus first and pick up a bottle of wine. The key is to choose lighter wines with high acidity that balance the rich flavors of the meats, fresh flavors of herbs, and light texture of crisp vegetables and rice noodles.

With a beef pho (#7 and #8), we usually swing for a super light red or a dark rosé. With Bán Xèo (#24) , a Vietnamese crepe stuffed with pork, shrimp, and veggies, we go for a sparkling wine. And for fragrant, light as air Bún (#12-15) — vermicelli bathed in a sweet, vinegary sauce with lettuce, mint, bean sprouts, cucumber, and your choice of protein — we bring a Cabernet Franc. It highlights the herbaceous flavors and juicy meat but doesn't overpower the light texture of the noodles.

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