Cosmic Wines 2023

December 9th, 5-8 p.m.

Hula Lakeside

Once a year, we gather some of our favorite winemakers from around the world here, in Burlington, for Cosmic Wines. No bones about it, this is one of the premier wine-buying events in the country. It’s also a party. A chance to rub elbows and connect with the winemakers and importers bringing you beautiful, artisanal wines.

Cosmic Wines 2023 is sponsored by Hula Lakeside

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If you want superlative deals on the most delicious, mind-boggling, small-production wines, if you want to stock up for the holidays with gorgeous bottles that will make your guests swoon, Cosmic is where it’s at. 

The countdown starts now. Will we see you there?

What to Expect

Our team of somms, restauranteurs, aspiring winemakers, and professional wine drinkers brings you bottles that meet our high standards for craftsmanship. This is what you can expect from the bottles you'll find at Cosmic Wines.

Always Delicious

We want every bottle of wine you drink to be delicious. That's why every wine on our shelves is handpicked to blow you away with every single sip.

Made by People

Our favorite wines are made by real people. They're hand-harvested and handmade. They make small amounts of wine each year because they know that quality always comes first.

Sense of Place

Terroir is all about connectivity. Our wines are completely connected to the places and cultures they come from. With every bottle, you become connected to those things too.

Less is More

You won't find commercial yeasts, added flavors, or excessive sulfur in the wines on our shelves. We believe that the best wine is made when you allow the true expression of the grape to shine.