FAQ: Dedalus Wine Club Prices


The Dedalus Wine Clubs have provided an incredible wine journey for thousands of people since we launched them in 2008. We love sharing our new discoveries and stories with you every month, and seeing how the wine knowledge you gain from being a club member helps you enjoy beautiful wines on the regular.

As we all know…times are changing. We haven't changed our prices since 2010, but sourcing good, and great, wines costs more than it did 14 years ago. But we haven’t lowered our standards, because our goal will always be to put the best wines on your table.

Starting on April 1st, the prices of our wine clubs will be increasing. We put together this FAQ to answer the most important questions about the change.

Q: Why are the prices changing?

A: We take pride in bringing you two bottles of quality wine every month. Pricing on our clubs hasn't changed in 14 years, and as with everything else, wine has continued to get more expensive. In order to continue to find interesting, quality wines at the right price points, this change became necessary and inevitable. 

Q: When will I be charged the new amount?

A: The new pricing will go into effect on April 1st. If you have a recurring subscription, you will see the change reflected in your charge on that date.

Q: Are there additional perks with the new pricing?

A: All club members will continue to get a 10% discount on all their purchases at Dedalus. Club members can also look forward to early access to ticketed events we host.

Q: What happens if I prepaid for my subscription?

A: You can continue to pick up your club wines every month until your pre-paid subscription ends. The new pricing will not affect you until that point.

Q: Can I pre-pay for a club to lock in the current price?

A: Yes! If you would like, please purchase a 3, 6 or 12 month subscription to your desired club before April 1st to lock in the current club pricing.

Q: Can I cancel my wine club?

A: Of course we'd be sad to see you go but you may cancel your subscription at any time.

Q: Can I switch to a different club?

A: Definitely! Our teams in the shops can help you switch to a different club if you'd like. Or you can cancel your current club and subscribe to a new one online.