Domaine Roulot

The Legacy of Jean-Marc Roulot: Crafting Timeless, Expressive White Burgundy

For decades, Jean-Marc Roulot has been synonymous with the finest expressions of Meursault, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts and palates of wine lovers worldwide. A steadfast defender of traditional winemaking techniques, Jean-Marc has crafted extraordinary Chardonnay from the greatest vineyards of Meursault, earning him global admiration and respect as a once-in-a-generation winemaker.

A Pillar of Burgundy

Roulot's winemaking journey began after a career change found him at the head of his family winery. Under his watchful eye, Domaine Roulot has consistently produced wines at the highest level. Jean-Marc's wines are characterized by their vibrant minerality, nuanced aromatics, exceptional balance, precision and purity. His commitment to excellence and meticulous adherence to time-honored methods has cemented his reputation as a pillar of Burgundy.

A Steward of Tradition

In a world where innovation often takes precedence, Jean-Marc has remained steadfast in his devotion to the traditions responsible for creating some of the most profound and revered wines made today. His winemaking practices involve the use of organic viticulture, gentle plowing of the soils, and hand-harvesting the grapes at optimal ripeness. In the winery, he employs gentle pressing, spontaneous fermentation with indigenous yeasts, and careful aging in oak barrels, only a small percentage of which are new. His winemaking, marked by tradition, incredible patience, and attention to every detail, allow the wines to develop their full potential while retaining their distinct terroir-driven character. Roulot captures the soul of Meursault in his wines.

The Heart of Meursault

The wines of Domaine Roulot find their origins in Meursault's most hallowed vineyards, which include prestigious sites such as Les Perrières, Les Charmes, and Les Genevrières. Jean-Marc's intimate knowledge of the terroir and his meticulous approach to viticulture ensure that each vineyard site is treated with the utmost respect, allowing the unique characteristics of each plot to shine through in the final wines. His deep understanding of the subtle differences between the vineyards helps create wines that express the diverse mosaic of Meursault's terroir, showcasing the distinctive attributes of each specific site.

Jean-Marc's Philosophy: Purity and Expression

Central to Jean-Marc Roulot's winemaking philosophy is the pursuit of purity and the true expression of terroir. By employing traditional methods, such as the use of indigenous yeasts, minimal intervention, and judicious use of oak, he allows the personality of each vineyard site to take center stage, resulting in wines that are both captivating and deeply reflective of their origins.

Jean-Marc Roulot's wines are a testament to the timeless beauty and extraordinary potential unlocked by next-level winemaking in Burgundy. And his winemaking is truly next-level. Each bottle expresses, in great detail, the essence of Meursault's terroir and the depth of its winemaking heritage. As the steward of these places and traditions, Jean-Marc has not only crafted unforgettable wines but also laid the groundwork for future generations to continue to do so.