Wine classes and education in Vermont

Dedalus offers engaging classes that help you form a deeper relationship with wine.

At Dedalus, our mission is to connect people to wine, to bring them closer to the stories and people that make the products we love. Those stories are embedded in an expansive and revelatory world, one in which a glass of something novel can wake you up, slow time, and pique curiosity. In our classes, we stoke that. We dive deep into the world of wine.

Our sommeliers will guide you through the basic building blocks of wine into the complex patchwork of vines in Burgundy over to the explosion of talent adapting historic techniques in Friuli. They’ll take you up the imperiled slopes of the Jura and the impossibly steep hillside scattered with vines in the Mosel. You’ll meet winemakers who inspired cultural revolutions, who defied convention, who kept the art and science of great wine alive, breathing, in your glass.

You’ll learn about great wines, taste them, and cultivate infinitely rewarding curiosity. Here, every question is welcome. Come learn with us.

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