Dedalus Exclusives Six Pack

  • 6 bottles from our line-up of exclusives wines
  • Gorgeous, minimal intervention wines made by winemakers at the top of their game
  • We go straight to the source, you get great values
  • Learn more about the exclusive wines in this article on the Dedalus Dispatch

Bottles depicted are examples of the kinds of wines you can expect to receive.


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For our exclusive wines, we go straight to the source. We partner with up-and-coming and established winemakers to create classic, minimal-intervention wines at a great price. You won’t find these bottles anywhere else — they’re completely exclusive to Dedalus. We’ve created a top-notch Champagne, a killer Aussie Cab, juicy Cali reds, and more. Who knows where we’ll go next?

This six pack is a great way to get your hands on the most recent arrivals from our family of exclusive wines.

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Dive into our collection of hard to get ahold of, gorgeous wines. Do we hoard these wines for rainy days? You bet. But we also uncork them for any and all occasions because while they're insanely special and usually sold out in big cities across America, but they're also made to be enjoyed. Shared. The center of parties and meditation circles. And you can have them delivered straight to your doorstep today.

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