Dirt Wine Club

A wine club for the explorer.

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The story of wine is the story of dirt. It’s a story about passionate growers who know that great wine is made in the vineyard. Making wine like this is demanding — but it’s also an adventure. So we treasure these wines. Tell their stories. Share them at the table. And keep the tradition alive. If you’re ready to join the adventure of a lifetime, Dirt Wine Club is for you.

Please note: This is a recurring subscription that charges on the 1st of the month. If you would like to pay all at once for multiple months of the club (a great option for gifting) click here.

- Two bottles of exceptional, hand-made, terroir-driven wine each month
- Original insights, tasty details, and recipes from Dedalus Wine you can share with your friends
- A direct line on the crave-worthy, rare, small-production wines that we are excited about right now
- 10% off your purchases at Dedalus
- Early invites to events

Picking up your Dedalus Wine or Cheese club couldn’t be easier. We’ll send you a reminder e-mail as soon as it arrives at the shop. Just pop on down, pick them up, and enjoy!

You'll get access to our world of wine and cheese experts! We're somms, cheesemongers, chefs, writers, winemakers, and above all, wine lovers with a passion for bringing you the best — and having a good time doing it.

Want to Take It Slow?

It's good to have options. That's why we also offer pre-paid versions of our wine and cheese clubs. Whether you want to take things slow or you're looking for a great gift, our pre-paid clubs are a great option.

Wine and Cheese Pairing

Want to learn how to make classic wine and cheese pairings to better enjoy your Wine or Cheese Club? Check out our Dispatch on a few of our absolute favorites.