The New Spain Six-Pack

  • Six bottles that will drop you straight into the heart of the New Spain
  • Minimal intervention wines hand-picked by our somms
  • For fans of Envinaté, Goyo Garcia Viadero, and Cati Ribot
  • The wines of the New Spain we’re most likely to share with our friends

More Info

Not even 50 years ago, Spain was ruled by a fascist dictator hellbent on stamping out diversity and dissent, and traditional wine along with it. Franco popularized massive co-ops that churned out bulk table wine meant for profit, not pleasure. It wasn’t until the mid-70s that quality began to take priority over quantity, and small producers got back in the game in a real way.

Those winemakers are what we call “the New Spain.” These producers are taking risks, reviving near-extinct grapes, and creating a new identity for Spanish wine. The six bottles here showcase the labors of love growing around the country, from the terrifyingly steep vineyards of the Sierre de Gredos to the seaside towns of Catalunya. Get a taste of the electric energy that permeates Spain’s wine scene today when you buy this six-pack.