Trois Filles Bandol Rose 2022

When it comes to Bandol rosé, the obvious benchmark is Tempier’s extraordinary bottling which has, for decades, topped most rosé hot lists. There’s a lot of demand for Tempier and not a lot of wine to be had. In fact, it’s become so hard to source enough of the wine from the domaine that the wine is allocated to the point where most customers can only get a handful of bottles. What’s a Bandol rosé junkie supposed to do?

Here’s your hot tip: Buy a case of Domaine de Trois Filles rosé. When we first tasted this wine we were startled by just how spot-on it was — a perfect capture of the soul of Bandol. Wildly aromatic, it smells and tastes like a fresh peach and strawberry salad served on a piece of slate and garnished with a bit of rosemary. Mineral, saline, super refreshing, and more complex than any rosé has a right to be, it’s clear that Trois Filles will be going the way of Tempier before you know it. In three or four years it’s going to be hard to find and cost 30 percent more than it does today.

Yes, we said it. This wine stands tall next to Domaine Tempier. This is Bandol Rosé made at the highest level by a super-talented second-generation winemaker in a very small winery. It’s priced to move (for now). Get yours today.