Thanksgiving Wines

Thanksgiving is around the corner, and we’re here to make selecting wines for your table easy. Because that’s what it should be! We’ve chosen a variety of wines — white, red, orange, rosé, and sparkling — that will sufficiently wow your guests and make you feel like a star with amazing taste in wine. You're welcome to ball out, but for big family celebrations, we usually stick to bottles under $50. (Except if it's a magnum...and you definitely need a magnum.) I mean, who wants to worry as they head into the 4th hour of turkey basting, apron askew and hair frizzed from the heat of the kitchen, that someone in the living room is uncorking the Chave or that epic white Burg you pulled when you were feeling extra generous? Without you? Let’s face it. Today you need wines that get the job done. In our book, that means they have to do more than just satisfy. They need to bring some “wow” factor to the table without breaking the bank. Here’s what’s on deck.


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